What’s So Special About The Enneagram & How It Can Help You

I had the opportunity to chat with the energetic and spunky Stephanie Ann Bagley of  The Dream Makers Podcast  We talked about the Enneagram and how knowing our type can help us as mothers, business owners, and so much more.

I was asked to give a “quick overview of the 9 types,” and while it’s a common request when I’m doing an interview, I have a love/hate relationship with doing it.  On one hand, how can something so powerful and wise be summed up in a few quick minutes?  Well, spoiler alert, it can’t!  And yet also, I think giving a quick overview of the 9 types can really help people get interested in what this system is all about and how it can help us as individuals and in relationships.  So I was happy to comply and give Stephanie’s listeners a brief rundown. 
Also in this interview, I was very aware of my own 3 type showing up in the way I matched Stephanie’s energy, talking speed, and enthusiasm – she’s a 7!  It’s always a part of my practice, and what I teach my clients, to NPA – notice, pause, and acknowledge, our types when they pop up.  As I listened back to the interview there were things I loved – like my passion for transformation in all stages of our lives – including during motherhood.  There were also a few cringe-worthy moments of really seeing my inner performer show up.  So I have an opportunity to embrace myself with compassion and curiosity and learn for next time.
If you take a listen let me know if you have any questions!  I never turn away an opportunity to talk about the Enneagram.  I’m curious about you too – when do you notice your type sneaking up on you?  And if all of this “type” stuff is new to you but you are interested in learning more a great place to start is by scheduling a typing interview with me – you can do that by clicking here.

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