Becoming Ourselves The Podcast: Enneagram Type 3 with Emily Rayburn

In this podcast interview, it was my privilege to sit down with fellow coach Juli Wegner and talked all about life as an Enneagram 3.

Juli and I met while we were both students at ICA. We quickly discovered we both were also doing training with The Narrative Enneagram. Since we are heart types we formed a quick connection during our observed coaching and luckily got the opportunity to reconnect during her Enneagram series on Juli’s podcast. If you don’t know anything about the Enneagram, but want a glimpse at all 9 types check out this podcast series. If you do already know about the Enneagram listen still – these interviews are real, raw, and incredibly helpful when trying to understand someone of a different type.

If you need more support learning about and applying the Enneagram, particularly how it impacts your relationships, let’s connect. I currently have openings for couples coaching, and I know this amazing tool can bring your relationship to a whole new level by discovering who you are and who your partner is. I hope you’ll take a listen to my interview with Juli and see if the Enneagram is the right step forward for your personal and relationship transformation. Ready to learn more – you can book a typing interview here and take the next step.

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